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Q & A with Stylist Nissa Quanstrom

Q & A with Stylist Nissa QuanstromQ & A with Stylist Nissa Quanstrom

P OP:Photo was lucky enough to grab 15 minutes with the very busy ARTMIX Beauty wardrobe and prop stylist Nissa Quanstrom. In her trademark upbeat style, Nissa talked with us about where she finds inspiration, trends affecting stylists, and how the industry could recognize the best work in styling. Thank you Nissa!

How long have you been a stylist and what kinds of projects do you work on?

I have been working as a photo stylist for nine years. A majority of my post-college years were focused on honing the craft of styling. I assisted for four years to build my portfolio and gained an appreciation for attention to detail. I have found the profession of styling as fulfilling as those years of discovery in college when I was taking many art disciplines. I work on editorial, catalog and advertising projects. My clients include Real Simple, O Magazine, Details, and INC Magazine.

What inspires your styling?

My ADD need for the new! I absolutely love the mixed media involved in photo styling. One day I could be working with flowers and the next used water bottles for a New York Times Magazine piece shot with Dwight Eschliman. I also frequent art shows to push my creative buttons, with memberships to MOMA and Yerba Buena Arts Center. And with access to Art Murmur (first Fridays) in Oakland and first Thursdays in SF, the bay area is rich with inspiration and art.

Dwight Eschliman for New York Times

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