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E arlier this year Heather Elder came to me with the idea to partner on a series of art buyer interviews that focus on who the art buyer is and what inspires them. The fourth in the series, an interview with Leo Burnett Art Production Consultant and producer of Leo Burnett’s Agency Portfolio Review Tuesday, Char Eisner “Old School and Still Cool,” is now live on Heather’s blog.

In Heather’s words “Char’s title is Production Consultant at Leo Burnett in Chicago but she has worn many hats there. It is no wonder that her experience is widely known in the industry and other industry people seek out her opinion. Char is not only professional and top rate, but she is funny, endearing and very caring.”

And this was exactly my experience. Open, funny and exceedingly knowledgable and professional, we talked about the evolving role of the cost consultant, how she works with and mentors young art buyers, and about staying engaged, excited and relevant. And we couldn’t but ask where she looks for new photographic talent and for her to share any advice for photographers.

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