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T he second ‘course’ of the Community Table is now live. A quick refresher—I work with Heather Elder and Brite Productions to transcribe and edit the posts. It is an invaluable experience to sit down with art buyers and have candid discussions about issues important to them. I’m grateful to be a part of it and to publish the intro here on POP with links to the full posts on both the Heather Elder Represents and Brite Productions blogs.

The first question starts below. Please click through to the Brite Productions Blog or Heather Elder Represents blog to read what the art producers have to say about the value of photography in today’s market, working with cost consultants and the evoloving role of the producer.

For those of you just joining us, welcome to Community Table NYC – the latest series of blog posts sharing conversations held directly with our community leaders about top of mind industry issues. Community Table was formed from the collective efforts of Matt Nycz and Kate Chase of and Heather Elder and Lauranne Lospalluto of Heather Elder Represents with the idea that there is nothing more powerful in our industry than education.

As a reminder, each Conversation Starter was directed to one person with a general discussion ensuing.  Not surprisingly, many of the answers were similar to those of our LA colleagues. Therefore, rather than sharing the entire conversation, we included the original question and then the quotes and notes that were most relevant.  Please note, often times the person leading the conversation spoke most often. The first question in the Main Course portion of our series was addressed to Jamie Appelbaum of  mcgarrybowen.

CONVERSATION #3: The Value of Photography

It used to be that print was often a strong choice for clients when it came to promoting their brand.  Now they can choose from so many other vehicles for their communications and often times other media rather than photography is the chosen solution.  Knowing this, how do you see clients utilizing photography most nowadays?  And, along those same lines, how important is it that the photographer be able to shoot video?

“Each client has their own set of circumstances so I can’t generalize. Photography as it stands now is used in every medium: I’ve bought stills for broadcast, a photo library that is a QR code and for an interactive website. So I think photography is more vital now than it has been in a long time.”  Jamie Appelbaum, mcgarrybowen

“An image sells a product. And what photographers sometimes lose track of is that we are in a commercial industry. And as much as we’d like it to be fine art, there are those moments when it is the perfect storm and you get to create art. But basically we have big corporate clients with big budgets and you need to facilitate the product’s need. We are the middle person and are caught between art and commerce.” Jamie Appelbaum, mcgarrybowen

To read the full post, please visit Heather Elder Represents blog or Brite Productions blog.

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